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Tires help equipment take on some of the most challenging applications — including farming, construction, mining and forestry. That's why we engineer, test and manufacture our tires for high durability and long-lasting reliability. We also give you options – offering full lines of both bias and radial tires. The result: you get the best return on your investment and can rest assured knowing that our tires won't let you down. Our tires keep you moving.



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Growers have a legacy built on hard work and a spirit of innovation. It's the same vision that's driven us to engineer farm tires for almost a century. Agricultural products in our Titan and Goodyear Farm Tire brands start with feedback that comes directly from the field. It's how we developed the innovative LSW® (Low Sidewall) technology that's redefining expectations for agricultural tires around the world. We offer a full lineup of agricultural tires for a variety of equipment types - including tractors, combines, grain carts, and sprayers.

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Every contractor knows that reducing downtime is key for meeting tight deadlines. That's why we design tires to endure harsh worksite conditions. Our tires reduce the risk of costly downtime with their effective tire treads and quality craftsmanship.

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Loggers work in some of the most challenging environments — muddy soil, sloping ground and generally, far from the nearest service station. That's why your operation needs durable tires for tackling those worksite challenges. We offer tires designed specifically for forestry applications that keep equipment moving as well as withstand chunking and tearing treads.

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Downtime is the enemy for mining operations around the world. That's why successful fleet managers ensure their equipment keeps moving by relying on heavy-duty tires from Titan. Since every application is different, we offer more than 40 types of tires for a range of mining equipment, from loaders to haul trucks.

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Nothing stops an ATV or UTV like a flat tire. That's why we engineer our Titan and Goodyear Farm Tire brands to resist punctures and wear. We design them for high stability, shock absorption and maneuverability. Whether you're crossing a field or a finish line, you can depend on our tires to move you forward.

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LSW Technology

LSW Extreme Flotation Tires

Low Sidewall (LSW) assemblies feature a larger rim diameter and smaller tire sidewall than conventional tire and wheel assemblies. LSW technology is helping to eliminate problems that farmers face including road lope, power hop and soil compaction. Titan is the only company able to design, test and produce both wheels and tires for the agriculture markets.