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With the growing number of mechanical front wheel drive (MFWD) tractors, the rolling circumference of the tires play an important role in determining the correct setup for your tractor. In MFWD tractors, both the front and rear tires do the work. Too much positive slippage, or leading, can cause the front tires to do too much work and become less efficient. Too much negative slippage, or lagging, can have a braking effect on the front tires and reduce your steering ability. Since the front tires are smaller than the rear tires, the front tires have to rotate faster to cover the same distance as the rear. The mechanical gearbox in the tractor accomplishes this task. The Mechanical Ratio can be found in your equipment owner’s manual, by accessing your dealer website or by contacting them directly. When selecting tires for your MFWD tractors, you want to make sure to maintain the proper ratio of rolling circumference for your tractor. Use our lead/lag calculator to make sure you have the right tires for the job at the right ratio.

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