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Titan in Latin America

Titan started its operations in Latin America in April 2011 by acquiring Goodyear's agricultural business and incorporating a factory with a true historical heritage located in São Paulo, Brazil. Then, the company started to produce and commercialize its tires for the agricultural, industrial, and mining sectors, besides trucks and pickup trucks.

Today, the company has commercial offices in Argentina, Mexico and Colombia, with sales operations in Chile, Venezuela and Peru as well. All actions and directives are coordinated from Brazil. The company's participation in Latin America is strategic and guided by the great market potential of the region.

Titan continues to expand its line of tires, serving the market with quick and appropriate solutions according to the expectations and needs of the customers. This is the result of continuous commitment and investments, including improving industrial processes, expanding facilities and increasing productive capacity. Titan concentrates its efforts on offering products with quality, great efficiency and technological advances, such as the production of the first radial tire for large machinery and the introduction of LSW® technology in the country.

Titan is a technological leader and acknowledged as the main brand in the agricultural sector, the company operates in close collaboration with final customers and assemblers, where needs related to speed and load capacity arise.

The main commitment has always been focused on developing solutions and technologies that meet customer needs and efficiency with special dedicated teams to provide customized field services in the commercial, performance, and LSW technology implementation areas.

The Titan facility and warehouses in Lima, Peru, manufactures off-the-road (OTR) rims and wheels for mining and earthmoving applications. Being the leader in the Peruvian market Titan is the main distributor of Farm and Industrial Tires manufactured under the Goodyear and Titan brands in Brazil and OTR giant Titan tires manufactured in the USA.  Also, the company has evolved into a supplier of complete solutions for heavy duty undercarriage equipment including its portfolio of Inter-Tractor America (ITM) products.

Titan is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of rims and wheels from 8" to 63" in diameter for off-road machinery for the mining, construction, agricultural, forestry and industrial sectors. In addition, we offer repair services, maintenance, modifications and manufacturing of specialized and custom wheel products.

A complete line of Titan USA OTR tire options makes Titan an integral partner and leader in the field of off-road mining. The Titan manufacturing and repair plants are located in Santiago and Iquique, Chile. Both are certified repair facilities along with all production processes as well as our personnel who are highly qualified and experienced in wheel manufacturing and repair.

Titan is also active in the markets of Chile and Peru. Titan manufactures and tires, rims, and wheels exclusive for large machinery, with application in several sectors. Titan offers full technical assistance and post-sales services for several types of applications. With the support of Titan, the customer can obtain information regarding the entire line of tires and also schedule visits with field representatives to determine the ideal compound model that best suits the application.

In both Chile and Peru, the structure follows international standards, providing the highest technology and professional qualification to serve Titan customers in the Pacific coast. In both markets, in which there is intensive actuation in the mining and also agricultural, industrial, and civil construction fields, the search for quality and total customer satisfaction is the main basis for the constant investments in the region. The products and services provided by Titan follow strict quality standards and ensure great advantages in the market, such as affordable and competitive prices, fulfillment of delivery deadlines, and complete and differentiated post-sales services.


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Titan Brazil

Rua dos Prazeres, 106 

São Paulo – São Paulo 

Customer Service: 0800 723 2476


Titan Colombia

Calle 13ª #100-35

Cali, Colombia

Sales Contact: +57 2 4878983


Titan Argentina

Avenida Santa Fe 3778 Piso 11 e 1105

Cuit: 30711824134 – Buenos Aires – Argentina

Sales Contact: +54 11 4832 1484



ITM Latin America manufactures rollers and track chains in a complete production process. Based in Brazil, ITM Latin America has gained recognition in the market and is currently the leader in aftermarket and OEM segments, providing products throughout Latin America.

Our flexibility in meeting market demand is due to the fact that we provide a complete manufacturing process within the company, including forging, heat treatment, machining, assembly and painting. Our Engineering Department works tirelessly to make our process more competitive, while still maintaining our high quality standards.

We produce a wide range of products, and as a result, we are one of the key players in sectors such as forestry, mining, crushing, road building and agriculture. Thanks to our team of highly experienced employees, ITM Latin America is the ideal partner for any business.