wheel & Tire innovation

End User Consultation

Innovation at Titan

They say you can't reinvent the wheel, but here at Titan, we're moving forward to perfect it.

Since 1890, customers have been the core of our product development, listening to problems and working together to create solutions. As equipment continues to grow in size and horsepower, the need for high-quality wheels and tires becomes even more important. It's also the reason we look to our customers to inspire our most important innovations. Our wheel and tire teams work together to design, test and manufacture all our tire brands and wheel technology. That way, you get custom-level quality at a competitive price.

LSW vs. Conventional

LSW Technology

Our LSW® (Low Sidewall) technology helps customers maximize their productivity on and off the worksite. While traveling at high speeds, its compact sidewall reduces swaying that causes road loping. It also significantly reduces the risk of power hopping and soil compaction for unparalleled performance. We also designed it to fit a complete range of equipment because not all operations are alike. Our lineup includes LSW products specifically designed for the farming, construction, mining and forestry industries.
Tire Innovation

Tire Innovation

We use customer feedback and industry trends to develop tires that solve today's production issues while still anticipating the needs of tomorrow. Our Titan and Goodyear Farm Tire brands feature technology that maximizes equipment performance and withstands harsh worksite conditions. This allows equipment owners and operators to stay productive, maximizing their bottom line. Learn more about our tire technology.
Wheel Innovation

wheel innovation

Get the highest quality wheel assembly for your equipment designs. We are the only company that produces both wheels and tires for nearly any off-the-road equipment. Our engineers team with original equipment manufacturers to develop wheels that last the life of the equipment and provide the operator with maximum uptime. That's been our legacy for the past 120 years, and it will continue for many years into the future.