Tire Innovation

Tire Innovation

We use customer feedback and industry trends to develop tires that solve today's production issues while still anticipating the needs of tomorrow. Our Titan and Goodyear Farm Tire brands feature technology that maximizes equipment performance and withstands harsh worksite conditions. This allows equipment owners and operators to stay productive, maximizing their bottom line. Learn more about our tire technology.

Radial or Bias — You Decide

It’s not about which is better, bias or radial, but about what works best for your specific application. We believe contractors like choices, which is why Titan offers a full line of both bias and radial tires to help you get the job done, no matter what the setting.


Bias tires

• Better suited for short distances

• Greater vehicle stability

• Greater cut resistance on the sidewall

• Improved self-cleaning


Radial tires

• Excellent tread wear

• Longer tread life

• Better suited for longer distances

• Greater puncture resistance in the tread area

• Greater traction

With Titan, you have choices. Contact your Titan dealer today to find out what tire is best for your application.

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