Goodyear R14T™ HYBRID TIRE

Agriculture component R14T tire

AG: gripping innovation fresh from the field

Inspired by years of R-1 agricultural tread design expertise, the R14T provides top-notch traction and exceptional clean out on the farm. Making it ideal for all weather conditions.
R14T Turf Hybrid Tire Component

Turf: Dependable traction with minimal pressure

Borrowing from our R-3 tread designs, the R14T hybrid tire is designed for minimal ground disturbance ideal for lawn, turf and sandy soil applications.
Goodyear R14T Hybrid Tire

Key details

• Brings the benefits of Low Sidewall Technology® (LSW®) to compact tractors for the first time

• Available in LSW and conventional sizes, including LSW340/70R28, LSW460/75R38, 340/85R24 and 460/85R34


R14T Industrial Hybrid Tire Component

Industrial: the next generation of versatility

Evolving from our R-4 all-purpose industrial tire designs, the R14T hybrid tire takes versatility to the next level. It is ready to tackle any job on or off the road with better durability and hard surface performance.

Goodyear R14T: Perfection might just be possible

The innovative R14T tread design is a new hybrid of ag, turf and industrial tread designs, ready for any application.