Due to setbacks caused by several strikes in the farm implement manufacturing industry, Firestone shut down its operations and sold off certain assets.



Certain assets of the Firestone facility were purchased by Titan Proform of Toronto, led by the late Canadian industrialist Joseph Tanenbaum and Maurice Taylor Jr., current Titan chairman and CEO. The new company was named Can-Am Industries.


When Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company decided to exit the steel wheel and rim business, it provided an excellent opportunity for Can-Am to purchase certain agricultural wheel-making assets. Can-Am installed the Goodyear equipment to manufacture "power adjust" wheels at the Quincy facility.


Can-Am purchased certain assets of French & Hecht's wheel plant in Walcott, Iowa, an indirect subsidiary of the Fruehauf Corporation. This purchase added to the capacity to manufacture wheels and rims for the agricultural industry.


Can-Am entered a joint venture agreement with New Warrington Wheel Company of Merseyside, England, marking the company's expansion into the European market. Ownership was increased in 1991, and the Titan name was added.
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