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Mining original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) regularly improve their designs, making equipment more reliable and more productive for the harsh conditions of a mine. We work with OEMs to produce high-quality wheels that complement nearly any piece of mining equipment – including loaders and haul trucks. We're also the only global manufacturer of both wheels and tires, which means we can offer a complete wheel assembly for your equipment designs.

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Wheel quality is paramount when selecting a wheel manufacturer, especially when designing mining equipment. That's why we design, manufacture and test our wheels with innovative techniques that maximize initial quality and long-term durability. We powder coat our wheels' loose components to resist corrosion and chipping. We also inspect circumferential weld joints using X-ray and ultrasound systems before. That way, we can help ensure that you're using the best quality wheels on your assembly line.
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Accelerated Change Technology

Designing wheels that minimize servicing downtime is another way we help mining operations keep moving forward. Our Accelerated Change Technology (ACT) reduces downtime associated with tire changes and rotations by as much as 50 percent. That's because it allows technicians to remove the inner tire without having to remove the outer wheel.