• Improved steering in loose, cultivated soil provided by the deep, wide center ribs
  • 3 rib design provides excellent steering capabilities
  • Excellent wear characteristics from the even load distribution on the center and shoulder ribs
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Name Catalog Number Tire Size Design Load/Ply Rating Rated Inflation Pressure (psi) Rated Load (lbs) Recom'd Rim Width*(in) Overall Width (in) Overall Diameter (in) Static Loaded Radius (in) Rolling Circ. (in) Weight (lbs) Tread Depth (32nd in)
6.50-16SL 6 Triple Rib HD TL TRD381 6.50-16SL Triple Rib HD 6 48 1230 4.5 7.70 29.75 13.90 89.60 30 18
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