• D.O.T. approved for highway use
  • Designed for implements and wagons transported intermittently at highway speeds
  • Flotation and load carrying capacity of Farm Service (SL) and highway speed characteristics of (LT) tire
Name Catalog Number Tire Size Design TT/ TL Load/Ply Rating Rated Inflation Pressure (psi) Rated Speed (mph) Rated Load (lbs) Recom'd Rim Width*(in) Overall Width (in) Overall Diameter (in) Static Loaded Radius (in) Rolling Circ. (in) Weight (lbs) Tread Depth (32nd in)
16.5L-16.1FI E Frm Hwy Serv TL 4HS3E0 16.5L-16.1FI Farm Highway Service TL E 60 62.0 6450 W14CH 16.70 40.20 18.22 118.85 114 14
10.00-15FI D Farm Hwy Serv TL 4HS3L1 10.00-15FI Farm Highway Service TL D 60 62.0 3960 8LB 10.80 33.90 15.01 98.82 48 11
9.5L-15FI D Farm Hwy Serv TL 4HS313 9.5L-15FI Farm Highway Service TL D 60 62.0 2680 8LB 10.10 30.10 13.87 89.89 40 11
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