• Reduced vibration in the field from its long bar/short bar design
  • Excellent roadability
  • Maximum traction provided by the increased lug count
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Name Catalog Number Tire Size Design TT/ TL Load/Ply Rating Rated Inflation Pressure (psi) Rated Speed (mph) Rated Load (lbs) Recom’d Rim Overall Width (in) Overall Diameter (in) Static Loaded Radius (in) Rolling Circ. (in) Weight (lbs) Tread Depth (32nd in) Number of Lugs
30.5L-32 12 Dyna Torque II TL 42D196 30.5L-32 Dyna Torque II TL 12 20 25.0 9350 DH27HB 31.10 71.40 32.30 212.00 557 56 48
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