• Ideal for front position on four-wheel spreaders, flotation options on sprayers and tractors
  • Wider lug base promotes longer life and smoother roading
  • Wider footprint reduces ground pressure and soil compaction
  • Large nose and shoulder design reduce vibration and promote stability
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Name Catalog Number Tire Size Design Load/Ply Rating Rated Inflation Pressure (psi) Rated Load (lbs) Recom'd Rim Width*(in) Overall Width (in) Overall Diameter (in) Static Loaded Radius (in) Rolling Circ. (in) Weight (lbs) Tread Depth (32nd in)
230/95R48 134A8/B Optitorque 40T7V4GY 230/95R48 10 52 4680 8 9.00 65.70 30.92 201.55 149 40
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