• Twice as much steel armor construction as standard Logger Lug III for excellent penetration resistance
  • Same chunk and tread resistance tread
  • Improved lug stability and wear
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Name Tire Size Catalog Number TT/ TL Industry Code Load/Speed Index Load Rating Recom'd Rim Code Outside Diameter (in) Overall Width (in) Static Loaded Width (in) Static Loaded Radius (in) Flat Plate Area (in2) Tread Depth (32nd in) Rated Load @ Inflation (lbs @ Psi) Weight (lbs)
30.5L-32 LOGGER LUG III HD 32PR LS2 TL 30.5L-32 YL7W96 TL LS-2 180A6 32 DH27 73.90 30.60 31.30 34.68 484.0104 70 17600 @ 50 1045
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