• Superior traction and side-hill slip resistance
  • Combines long bar/medium bar traction for cleanability, smooth ride and more power to the ground
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Name Catalog Number Tire Size Design Industry Code TT/ TL Load/Ply Rating Load/ Speed Index Rated Inflation Pressure (psi) Rated Speed (mph) Rated Load (lbs) Recom’d Rim Overall Width (in) Overall Diameter (in) Static Loaded Radius (in) Rolling Circ. (in) Weight (lbs) Tread Depth (32nd in) Number of Lugs
320/85R24 142A8/B HTLR TL 4RDH14TE 320/85R24 Hi-Traction Lug Radial R-1 TL 142A8/B 67 30.0 5840 W10 12.65 46.26 21.34 140.83 132 44 44
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