CM 150

  • Deep, non-directional tread provides excellent rock-type damage resistance and long tread life
  • Solid centerline tread pattern provides smooth ride and excellent lateral traction on high tonnage vehicles
  • Features Aralon Cut Resistant Breaker construction, which provides increased strength and durability without sacrificing heat resistance
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Name Tire Size Catalog Number Industry Code Load/ Speed Index Load Rating Recom'd Rim Code Outside Diameter (in) Overall Width (in) Static Loaded Width (in) Static Loaded Radius (in) Flat Plate Area (in2) Rated Load @ Inflation (lbs @ Psi) Industry Code 2 Load/ Speed Index 2 Load Rating 2 Outside Diameter 2 (in) Overall Width 2 (in) Static Loaded Width 2 (in) Flat Plate Area 2 (in2) Static Loaded Radius 2 (in) Rated Load @ Inflation 2 (lbs @ Psi) Tread Depth (32nd in) Weight (lbs)
33.25-35 CM150 38PR E4 TL 33.25-35 6M5AW5 E-4 208B 38 27.00 / 3.5 89.96 34.05 35.54 41.22 660.1108 39700 @ 58 78 2329
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