Goodyear Optitorque R1 Farm Tire is perfect for scraping


Titan ups the ante on scraper tires at National Farm Machinery Show 

New Goodyear LSW R-1 options come with expanded scraper warranty coverage 

DES MOINES, Iowa — Titan International, Inc. (Titan) is pleased to announce a further expansion of the industry’s leading R-1 tread design. The new Goodyear® Optitorque LSW800/55R46 size is ideal for scraper applications, as well as a flotation sprayer option and high-horsepower tractor dual option for arid, dry soils. The new product introduction coincides with an expansion of Titan’s warranty coverage for R-1 tires used in scraper applications — something not offered by most farm tire brands. 

“In many cases, we’re seeing people using R-1W tires in applications that would be much better off with an R-1. That’s a big reason why we’ve undergone such a significant expansion of our Optitorque line and added scraper warranty coverage,” says Scott Sloan, ag products manager for Titan and Goodyear Farm Tires. “We are leading the way in new large metric R-1 sizes which include, 680, 710 and 800 section width tires that are more suitable for scraper applications resulting in higher performance and prolonged tire life.” 


Low Sidewall Technology® (LSW) benefits 

The new Optitorque LSW800/55R46 serves as an alternative to the standard 800/70R38 size. The LSW design helps dampen and avoid the effects of power hop that are common in high-torque applications such as pulling scrapers, helping keep the pan level. LSW tires also allow for running at up to 40 percent lower inflation pressures than standard tires, thereby reducing soil compaction. 


New four-year scraper warranty 

The expanded warranty coverage for the Optitorque R-1 line doesn’t have the exclusions of scraper use that are common to many farm tire brands. The limited warranty applies to conditions in workmanship and materials over four years, with coverage as follows: 

• 12 months – 80% credit 

• 24 months – 60% credit 

• 36 months – 40% credit 

• 48 months – 20% credit 


The full Optitorque line 

The latest LSW800/55R46 addition adds to the growing list of Optitorque R-1 size options ranging from section widths as narrow as 230 mm, all the way up to the industry’s largest — VF1050/50R32CFO. The Optitorque features a wide lug base for smooth roading and less rutting in fields; a wide footprint for reduced ground pressure and soil compaction; and a large nose and shoulder design to reduce vibration on the road and promote stability. For more information, visit


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