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Titan sponsors Farm Fit Training, bringing programs to NFMS 2023 and beyond


QUINCY, Illinois — Titan International, Inc. (Titan) is proud to announce its sponsorship of Farm Fit Training — an online health and fitness program founded and run by Amanda Nigg, also known as @FarmFitMomma on her popular TwitterFacebookInstagram and TikTok channels.


The sponsorship aims to shed light on the mental health crisis within the agricultural community, utilizing Farm Fit Training health and nutrition programs as a means for helping address it. Nigg will join Titan at National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) to host activities and discuss programs with attendees in booth #4084. 


“We at Titan believe being part of the agricultural community comes with a responsibility to look after the 2 percent of the population that feeds 100 percent of the world,” said Kim Boccardi, vice president of Marketing at Titan. “The statistics around on-farm mental health are staggering, and by working with FarmFitMomma, we hope to reduce the stigma of asking for help, while providing greater access to wellbeing programs that are otherwise hard to come by in rural communities.”


Statistics show that farmer suicide rates are anywhere from two- to five-times higher than the general population. Numerous studies have also shown that proper nutrition and exercise can significantly reduce stress, anxiety and depression — something that hits close to home for Nigg, who founded Farm Fit Training during a trying time in her family’s lives. 


FarmFitMomma’s Story

In March of 2020, her family home — located on her husband’s fifth-generation farm in Sisseton, SD — caught fire and all was lost. Simultaneously, the COVID-19 pandemic was taking hold of the world. Needless to say, Nigg found herself struggling, as many farmers do. Part of what kept her going through tough times was her health and fitness journey, which is what prompted her to rethink her career selling supplemental farm insurance and come up with a program that could spread that feeling broadly across the agricultural community.


“There’s no doubt farming comes with tremendous mental burden, which our family has certainly experienced, but I’m a firm believer that life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it,” said Nigg. “Since launching Farm Fit Training in November 2020, I’ve been incredibly blessed to witness the personal transformation — both physically and mentally — of hundreds of farmers who have enrolled. To offer these programs exclusively to the agricultural community to which I’m so closely connected — I know I’ve found my calling.”


Watch her Story

Farm Fit Training - Our Story


How Farm Fit Training Works

Farm Fit Training has three certified personal trainers (CPTs), who are also certified nutrition consultants (CPNs) — Amanda included. The core program is called Farm Fit Foundations, which is a six-week program with 1:1 online coaching, focusing on 15-25-minute strength training. Enrollees also gain access to a sustainable nutrition program focused on macronutrients, a video library of workouts, exclusive access to the Farm Fit Training app, daily check-ins with certified coaches and access to weekly podcalls with Amanda. Those that complete the Foundations program may be eligible for Farm Fit Advanced, which focuses on compound strength training, and provides additional resources and all the perks of the Foundations program. To apply for Farm Fit Foundations, visit


Titan piloting new program

To kick off the sponsorship, Titan is offering an exclusive 30-Day Shred Challenge to its employees, which entails five workouts per week for four weeks, as well as mental health consultation on off-days. Following the pilot with Titan, the program will open applications to the broader agricultural community, starting February 14 at NFMS 2023, with the program beginning February 26, 2023. 


Visit us at National Farm Machinery Show

FarmFitMomma will be in attendance in the Titan booth #4084 to discuss the impact of exercise and nutrition on mental health, the upcoming program, and the application process, as well as host a range of booth activities such as planking and tire flipping. 


In addition to hosting FarmFitMomma, Titan will showcase the latest in farm tire technology, including the debut of the world’s largest farm tire, now available in an R-2 tread for rice and cane applications — the Goodyear® Custom Flo Grip LSW1400/30R46. Stop by to learn more. 


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About Farm Fit Training

Amanda Nigg, founder of Farm Fit Training, provides the agricultural industry with tools and strategies to help them lose weight, grow muscle, and develop a healthy mindset, all while living a sustainable lifestyle. Learn more at



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