Maximize PRODUCTIVITY in and out of the field

Goodyear Farm Tires® featuring Titan LSW® Low Sidewall tire technology were created to help solve problems growers face. Our boots-on-the-ground, tailgate conversations across the country led to the development of our innovative LSW tire solutions that deliver unparalleled performance, all while creating additional efficiencies for your operation.

LSW is Better in the Field

• Increased tire flotation lets you get into your fields earlier, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you

• Less compaction thanks to lower operating PSI vs. conventional tires

• Reduced sidewall height significantly reduces power hop

• Optimized lug arc produces ideal combination of traction and clean-out

LSW is better on the road

• Reduced sidewall height design significantly minimizes road lope

• Potential for faster roading speeds helping you maximize efficiency by getting to the fields faster

• Increased ride quality for the operator

• Smoother ride leads to less wear and tear on tractor and equipment

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find the right lsw tires for your application

Your farm — and your choice of equipment — is unique. Our LSW technology is designed to fit a large and growing list of tractors, combines, applicators and other popular equipment on the farm.


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