Tracks have met their match

Forget what you think you know. Everything you think  you get from tracks, you get from Low Sidewall Technology® (LSW®) … and then some.

LSW tires vs. tracks

Price: A new track machine can cost up to $60-100K more out of pocket
Maintenance: Tracks require more maintenance, resulting in more downtime

Field test results

In partnership with a John Deere dealership, Titan conducted a field demonstration putting a John Deere 9620R equipped with the world’s largest farm tires, the Goodyear® OPTITRAC LSW1400/30R46, head-to-head against a John Deere 9620RX track machine.

Fuel efficiency: Save up to 15 percent in fuel costs with tires 
Speed: Travel up to 30 percent faster with tires 
Traction: Our tests have shown LSW is equal to tracks when it comes to traction and slippage 

Watch the video below to see which machine provided maximum performance at the lowest cost.

Footprint comparison

Soil compaction test results

Titan also conducted a test comparing the ground-bearing pressure of the LSW1400 tires on a John Deere 9620R versus a John Deere 9RX track machine, using Tekscan™ pressure mapping technology to record more than 100,000 data points on the two machines.

Titan found the ground-bearing pressure with the LSW1400s was an average of 16 percent lower than tracks, with the tire’s maximum recorded pressure being 38 percent lower than the maximum pressure of tracks.

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