Duals versus super singles

test results show increased yield, resulting in $24,000 in annual yield profit potential in a 1,500 acre corn plot


In the spring of 2016, in a cooperative effort with Titan, Missouri farmer and Titan customer Mark Stallings conducted a study to put the Goodyear LSW Super Singles to the test.


Pioneer 2089YHR seed corn was planted in two test plots with comparable historical data. The seed was planted in alternating rows with two identical New Holland T-8 255 hp tractors and 16-row Kinze 3600 planters. The first tractor was fitted with standard 380/80R38 duals on the front and 480/80R50 dual rears. The second tractor was fitted with Goodyear Super Single LSW1000/40R32 fronts and Goodyear Super Single LSW1100/45R46 rears.

Agronomic oversight for the test was provided by agronomists, Jake Mikels and Brandon Dirnberger, from Wheat Tech Agronomy.  

Compaction results

Tire depth measurements showed significantly less soil compaction with the Goodyear LSW Super Singles as compared to the standard duals — on average showing a 38 percent reduction in tire depth with the LSW Super Singles versus narrow duals.

Yield Results

The test plot with the Goodyear LSW Super Singles yielded five bushels more per acre compared to the standard duals; on average, 179.01 bushels per acre versus 174.01 bushels per acre, respectively – a $16 per acre advantage, which would equate to $24,000 in annual additional yield profit over 1,500 acres.