Press Operator

Category: Manufacturing • Location: Ohio (Bryan)

Job Description

Titan International, Inc. a global leading wheel and tire assembly manufacturer for the agriculture, construction, forestry and mining markets has an opening for a Press Operator position in the Bryan, OH facility. The primary function of this position is to take the green tire and use a pre-molded press, mold and complete a new tire according to specificaiton. Know, practice, and be in compliance with all safety rules and procedures. Maintain communication and teamwork to produce a product of the highest quality by the most effective process.

Essential Functions

- Operators keep workplace clean and neat at all times.
- Performs press preparation using keyboard, enters informaiton about serial and identificaiton into computer.
- Responsible for press preparation and operation and servicing 12-15 presses.
- Presses are set up by Press Services according to specificaitons from leadman.
- Insures press ready (warmed) to perform an extended first cure.
- Moves green tires to presses on tire racks and will spray tires.
- Top of mold is sprayed, bottom is closed.
- Inspects green tire for catalog number and possible defects and/or foreign material.
- Places tire into press over the bladder and seated on bottom bead ring and activates press.
- Removes tire when press opens, inspects tire, sends to the finish area.


 - High school diploma and/or general education (GED): and/or equivalent combination of education, training, and experience that performs the essential function of this position.
Physical Requirements:
- Must be able to meet the Ergonomic as weel as the Physical Base Score for this position.
- Stand 30%, Walk 70% of each day.
- Lifting/carring items 25 - 80 lbs.
- Lifting bulky objects
- Push/pulling 10-50 lbs. on a carrier. Static 5 lbs.
- Pinch minimum 6 lbs.
- Grasp minimum 45 lbs.
- Full range of motion required: 100% inside, moderate noise, moderate vibration, moving mechanical parts, protrusions, narrow access, and burns up and down height, fumes, odors, gases, slick floors, steps, explosions and chemicals.
Safety Requirements:
- Must follow safety rules and safe practices to prevent injury to self and others.
- Must wear all required safety equipment and/or tools required for this position

How to Apply

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Titan is an Equal Opportunity Employer & a Drug-Free Workplace