Electrical Technician

Category: Manufacturing • Location: Iowa (Des Moines)

Job Description

The Electrical Technician is responsible for the electrical work and installation, alteration, maintenance and repair of electrical systems, equipment, and fixtures. The Electrical Technician is responsible for performing skilled tasks in accordance with standard practices of the electrical trade. Instructions relating to work assignments may be oral or written and may be accompanied by sketches or blueprints. Work may be performed independently or under the general supervision of the Maintenance Supervisor. Works with minimal supervision and may have to instruct or oversee workers in this class. Uses independent judgment and exercises discretion in executing their duties. This position requires a high degree of confidentiality.

Essential Functions

1. Capable of designing and engineering electrical circuits, controls and wiring particularly electronic circuits for new installations and upgrading existing installations.
2. May write specifications for the purchase of components working with vendors to determine compatibility at the lowest price.
3. May have to attend school and/or seminars to keep up with the latest technologies.
4. May oversee the installation, troubleshooting and repair of electrical installation.
5. May have to perform hands on work.
6. Will install, alter, maintain, and repair electrical wiring systems, fixtures, transformers, and other electrical equipment.
7. Locate, analyze, and correct power failures, short circuits, and electrical related problems.
8. Will perform work that requires a thorough knowledge of electrical theory and principles, statutory codes, properties of materials and principles of operation of electrical equipment.
9. May start up and shut down equipment in accordance with company safety procedures for machine activation and shutdown (lockout/tagout) and in compliance with OSHA requirements.
10. Must take responsibility in notifying management of potentially dangerous electrical equipment noted and corrective action taken.
11. May be subject to emergency calls in which night shifts and weekend work may be required.
12. Must be able to maintain the highest standards of excellence for safety, housekeeping, and quality in compliance with all codes and regulations.
13. Will ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the Company.
14. Perform other duties as assigned.


1. Accredited technical school or apprenticeship preferred and/or equivalent combination of education, experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential functions of this position.
2. Two (2) years of technical education in electronics and/or five (5) years of related experience.
3. Must be able to logically engineer, design, draw schematics, troubleshoot and repair electrical/electronic equipment efficiently.
4. Good problem solving skills a must.
5. Must be able to read, write and interpret maintenance manuals and technical information.
6. Must be proficient with electronic and PLC Technology and programming. Must be familiar with electrical theory, NEC codes, OSHA standards and other governing agency requirements.
7. Must be experienced with voltage up to 480 volts three phase.
8. Experience in working in an industrial environment.
9. Excellent troubleshooting skills and repair.
10. Computer skills and PLC programming a plus; Auto-CAD drawings of circuit boards.
11. Good written and verbal communication skills.
12. Considerable knowledge of the practice, methods, tools, equipment, and materials of the electrical trade.
13. Knowledge of the occupational hazards of the electrical trade and the necessary safety precautions.
14. Knowledge of applicable electrical codes.
15. Skill in the use and care of tools and equipment of the electrical trade.
16. Skill in locating and adjusting defects in electrical systems and equipment.
17. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions and to read and interpret sketches, diagrams, and blueprints.

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