Boiler Operator

Category: Manufacturing • Location: Ohio (Bryan)

Job Description

Titan International, Inc. a global leading wheel and tire assembly manufacturer for the agriculture, construction, forestry and mining markets has an opening for a Boiler Operator position in the Bryan, OH facility. The Primary function of this position is to maintain the steam pressure, air pressure and hydraulic pressure needed to correctly cure tires, heat oil and heat the plant and the operation of plant equipment.

Essential Functions

Operator starts all powerhouse machinery, including high pressure steam boilers, and brings up to specified speeds, temperatures and/or pressures. Monitors pressures, temperatures, draft meters, water levels, to verify specified operation. Records data such a temperature, pressure, flow hours of operation, electrical energy used, results of analysis and tests, etc. Performs all functions necessary to maintain proper operating conditions and is responsible for adequate stock of operating supplies. Must be familiar with equipment operation from both theoretical and practical viewpoints and be able to read and interpret mechanical, piping, and control drawings of equipment under his care. Oil and lubricants equipment. Changes filter screens, valves, and performs repair work consistent with maintaining proper powerhouse surveillance. Routinely motors various water systems including condensate, boiler feed water, factory cistern, tuber cooling water, etc. Inspects and adjusts treatment equipment, fills reservoirs, tanks, etc. Fills out daily time cards showing breakdown of jobs worked, departments charged, and hours used. Makes notations in various machine maintenance log books as instructed. Will perform other duties as assigned.


:High School diploma and/or general education (GED) and/or equivalent combination of education, training and experience that performs the essential functions of this position. Computer technology experience, a plus. Must hold minimum of 3rd Class Stationary Steam Engineer license.
Physical Demands:
May require heavy lifting up to 75 lbs or more.
Must follow safety rules and safe practices to prevent injury to self and others. Must wear all required safety equipment and/or tools required for this position. Hearing protection, safety glasses, and safety shoes required. Other safety equipment as assigned.

How to Apply

Fill out the online application below (if you don't see the application, make sure you've clicked "OK" on the Website Cookie Declaration on the top of the page.)

Titan is an Equal Opportunity Employer & a Drug-Free Workplace