Complete Undercarriages

Titan Europe is a leading specialist designer and builder of complete undercarriage solutions for OEMs, covering virtually the entire range of modern crawler machine applications in the construction, mining, utility, forestry, road building, and agricultural industries.

The extensive know how on hydrostatic drives and steel structures, combined with the vast knowledge and experience of ITM on undercarriage components, allow Titan Intertractor and Intertractor America to develop innovative products and tailor-made complete system solutions that meet the most demanding applications.

The engineering departments of Titan Intertractor and Intertractor America are equipped with the most modern design and engineering tools such as Multi-Body Simulation, the Finite Elements method and a CAD system for development and design. Also they have available component and frame durability testing rigs to optimise designs and check product performance.

To further refine their designs, they apply innovative stress analysis techniques and conduct field tests and high precision laboratory investigations. This intensive work results in high quality products that offers the right specifications for an increasingly demanding market.

Finally, the design is based on a refined Modular Design System that utilizes multiple standard component sub-assemblies, constituting the basic modules, for the creation of an end product. The basic assembly is then personalized in relation to specific functional needs and/or applications. This unique system allows the delivery of complete undercarriage solutions to the customers in record time.