Trailer Components

Titan Brakes and Actuators

Titan has a rich heritage in the hydraulic brake and actuator industry. Many of the products in use today are based on our designs. We invented and held the first patent on free backing brakes and have led the way on a wide variety of innovations.

Titan's extensive line of brakes, actuators, couplers and hubs is designed to serve a wide variety of trailer applications. Manufacturers of boat, recreation vehicle, livestock, travel and flatbed trailers across North America rely on the performance of our products.

Quality You Can Trust

Titan uses the highest quality materials to ensure that our products meet the high demands of our customers. Our assembly plant, located in Des Moines, Iowa, has an ISO-9002 Quality System.

Customer Satisfaction

Titan is committed to achieving customer satisfaction through on-time delivery and by meeting the functional needs of our customers.

Titan's trailer components are the perfect complement to the durable highway wheel and tire assemblies offered by Titan.

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