Mining Wheels

Mining Wheels

Designed and manufactured using leading edge technologies in material specifications and manufacturing processes, Titan Europe’s range of mining wheels and rims are produced to suit virtually every application, make and model of the “off-highway” industry. In response to the very demanding requirements of the mining industry, Titan has developed a range of specifically designed wheels and rims, including the revolutionary Vertical Mount System for standard and ultra-class dump truck fleets utilizing both bias ply and radial tyres:
    • the Outside Vertical Mount (OVM®)
    • the Six-piece Vertical Mount (SVM)
    • the XT Series of wheels and rims.

Outside Vertical Mount (OVM®)
Available in 51”, 57” and ultra-class 63” sizes, the revolutionary patented OVM® was the first vertical mount outer dual wheel ever designed and eliminates the need to remove wheel bases from hubs during tyre changes.

The OVM is also the first wheel in the large earthmover class to feature HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy) steel, heavy duty, fully machined bead-seat band and side rings and full machining on all surfaces of the wheel base to achieve maximum life, performance, air retention, and ergonomic efficiencies.

Since the introduction of the OVM® wheels, mine sites have measured and recorded 50 to 60 percent savings in downtime and maintenance costs and commensurate increased safety margins.

Six Piece Vertical Mount (SVM)
Available in 51”, 57” and ultra-class 63” sizes, and designed to compliment the OVM® in dual applications. Utilising HSLA steel to maximise fatigue life, the SVM features a modified back section including an integrated lock-ring and o-ring groove to accommodate the addition of a second bead-seat band. This feature eliminates the high risk practice of breaking the rear bead in confined spaces using hydraulic rams.

The combination of materials and manufacturing process for the OVM® and SVM has dramatically increased the mining industry’s longevity benchmark for heavy-duty truck rims.

XT Series of Wheels and Rims
Featuring heavy-duty rim bases with fully machined back and front sections and heavy-duty seat band and side rings, the XT Series has been extended to include a variety of designs available in numerous sizes for disc wheel and demountable applications.