Construction Wheels

Construction Wheels

Titan has a strong presence in the construction, earthmoving and mining industries. Our construction wheels are strong, robust and resilient and well suited for a variety of applications including excavating, trenching and road-grading. A full range of rough terrain dump trucks, graders and wheel loaders already use Titan wheels under extreme working conditions.

A mobile crane must be able to traverse a multitude of terrains, performing as well on the highway as in open-country. With ever increasing demands for higher vehicle speeds and heavier loads, Titan's crane wheels are specifically designed to meet and exceed these exacting requirements.

Vehicles that do punishing, continuous jobs in heavy engineering environments need wheels that are durable. Titan's extensive skills in producing superior wheels for fork lift trucks, straddle carriers, container handlers and log stackers is based on over 90 years of solid experience.

New developments have included the development of 3 piece wheels which are used instead of traditional 5 piece construction. The 3 piece wheel has fewer components, is more cost effective, provides better support for the tyre and can offer performance benefits over the 5 piece designs. With high capacity press forming capabilities in production, Titan’s world famous IF series of 3 piece wheel design is unique in the market.

The wheel is the most integral part of a ground vehicle. Every aspect of design and development is unique for each application. By working with its customers, Titan continually improves current designs and research technology to develop more effective products. Material and process development go hand in hand with product development. Working closely with its suppliers Titan has introduced fresh material specifications with increased cryogenic properties, formability, weld ability and impact resistance for ease of manufacture and improved product strength.